• St. Mark's Cathedral

    St. Mark's Cathedral is the center of religious life in the old city of Korčula, and one of the city's most significant and most beautiful buildings.

  • All Saints Church

    All Saints Church is the seat of Korčula’s oldest confraternity, established in 1301.

  • The Atrium of the City Hall

    The Atrium is a part of the Korčula City Hall. The 16th century renaissance building has a large porch and arcade. The upper floor was added in 1866.

  • Franciscan convent of Our Lady’s Assumption

    The rich history of the Franciscan convent of Our Lady’s Assumption on the island of Badija started in 1392 when Bishop Ivan from Krk decided that a convent should be erected for Bosnian Franciscans and a decree was issued by the Grand Council of Korčula.

  • St. Nicholas Church

    St. Nicolas Dominican Church and Monastery were erected in the late 15th century near the center of the city.

  • Arneri Palace

    Arneri Palace in Korcula extends from the western edge of the Old Town to the St. Mark's Square the main Old Town square (also, known as Pjaca).